Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm supposed to wear glasses to correct my eyesight but I hardly do. I don't like wearing my glasses all day long. I have a big screen TV - I can see the images just fine. What I can't read is the tiny TV menu from across the room in my bedroom, but I just squint and can usually get by. I have one pair of glasses that help me see long distance only. The glasses I should be wearing all day long are progressives with corrections for up close, computer distance, and far away. I end up using my drug store magnifiers for knitting and reading because they are just enough for what I need. I don't have to tilt my head up and down trying to get the right angle like I do with my progressives. This morning, I happened to have my magnifiers on when I was washing my hands and I looked down and I could see the faucet so clearly. I could really see it. The slightly fuzzy blur I usually experience was crisp and clean. Typically, I don't need to see the details throughout the house but I'm thinking about what I've been missing. Should I wear my progressives and allow myself to discover those missing details or stay with the fuzzy view and enjoy the blissful ignorance of a watercolor world?

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