Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What I don't want

Facial hair - my teenage boys look forward to it - I do not. For boys, facial hair is a sign of maturity, becoming a man. For me, facial hair is a sign of maturity, becoming an old crone! Seriously, why do women have to go through this? I am not one to fret about body hair. I am not waxing my brows, my legs, my...etc. It's one thing to deal with extra body hair; it's not usually that noticeable. But hairs on my face? That's where people look the most! Where do women learn how to deal with these things? Do I pluck? Shave? Wax? Bleach? Truthfully, I don't want to have to deal with it at all. So, next time I'm hugging my son and he says, "Nice moustache, Mom," I guess I'll just smile and say, "Jealous?"

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Did you know that when you approach 50 you get an invitation to join AARP? I'm intrigued by the discounts but saying I'm a member makes me sound so - OLD. But as a budget conscious consumer, how can I not join? Borders is having a special weekend for AARP members right now - 20% off when you flash your card. I am just getting used to the idea that I will be 50 and that it doesn't matter. Do I really want to show my AARP card to the handsome young man at the bookstore? Well, let me take that back. There are NO handsome young men working at the bookstore. The employees seem slightly unattractive, certainly off-beat. (And to think that I often consider a job at the bookstore.) I'm not particularly interested in AARP's political position, although, as a member, I suppose I should be. I listened to the former CEO interviewed on Diane Rehm and some of the callers were so adamant that they would not become members because of things AARP had done. Frankly, they had me at the discount. So, perhaps I can take pleasure in my secret card carrying status and only flaunt my membership when it truly matters - in the check-out line.