Monday, June 22, 2009


I was thinking the other day that even though I have been bracing for fifty, I do not want to say out loud to anyone that I am fifty years old. I just can't bring myself to admit it. Maybe when I actually have my birthday on July 3rd, I will feel obligated to state my age, but only if asked! I am a very honest person and just don't want to out and out lie about my age. I'm thinking about holding on at 48. But then, that goes against what I am trying to accomplish, which is a life of continuous learning, growth, and internal beauty. I want to be an example for others and show that getting older is a great achievement. I must work at getting older gracefully. I must work to be healthy, to exercise, eat right, keep up with current events, read history, teach what I know, be kind to others. Every day I can lead the kind of life that I will be proud of when it's time to say goodbye to this earth. I want to live every day that way.

My cousin died of breast cancer at age 40. She was so happy to have lived that long. Her mother, my aunt, died of the same thing before she reached 40. My cousin was an art teacher. She taught and influenced so many young people in her life. She died too young, of course, but she lived a good and a purposeful life. That is how I choose to live.

Becoming fifty years old will be an honor and a privilege. I vow to live with purpose and kindness in my heart. I will embrace the years. I will dance and sing towards 60, 70, 80 and beyond.

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